Dr. Fabrice DeClerck

Science Director
EAT Foundation

Fabrice DeClerck is the science director of the EAT Foundation, a collaboration between the Stockholm Resilience Center (SRC), the Stordalen Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust. He leads EAT’s scientific research which focuses on the role of food (diet) in ensuring environmental sustainability, human health, and dignity in work. At SRC he serves on the leadership of the Food Systems theme and is responsible for coordinating EAT/SRC engagements. His research focuses on food as the “gateway drug” to sustainability – and how changes in human diet can be leverages as a means of supporting food systems that are capable of providing healthy food to a 9 billion global population within planetary boundaries. Recent work with Bioversity International and CGIAR have focused on biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes and their contributions to sustainable development.

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