Dr. Carmel Pollino

Principal Research Scientist
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Carmel Pollino is an ecological modeller who joined Australia’s CSIRO in 2010. Prior to joining CSIRO, she worked as an academic at the City University of Hong Kong (2000-2002), Monash University (2002-2006) and the Australian National University (2006-2010). Carmel’s research career began as an ecotoxicologist with a focus on fish physiology and endocrine disruption, and her research interests have since broadened to include risk assessment of water resources and predictive ecology.

Prior to joining CSIRO, Dr Pollino’s research has been on developing processes and risk analysis models for ecological risk assessment studies in the Goulburn-Broken Catchment, the Murray-Darling Basin and the Fly River catchment (Papua New Guinea). Models were used for analysis of uncertainties and prioritisation of risks in complex environments, and developing risk management plans. Dr Pollino has also developed models to predict ecological outcomes in estuaries of Tasmania and to predict outcomes of flow regimes in terminal inland wetland systems in New South Wales, with models being implemented in Decision Support Tools.

At CSIRO, Dr Pollino has developed and applied ecological models to predict ecological outcomes of flow, has worked in teams developing modelling tools for predicting ecological outcomes of flow regimes and for optimising water releases to maximise ecological outcomes. Her research has focussed on the Murray-Darling Basin with research outcomes and outputs directed towards informing water management and policy.

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