GROUP 2: Strengthening PFM systems through PEFA 2016

09:15 - 11:00

Public financial management is the linchpin between the resources available to governments, the delivery of services and achievement of policy objectives. If it is done well, a good public financial management system will ensure that all available revenue is collected efficiently and used appropriately and sustainably for the long term. Countries have been using PEFA to streamline their PFM reforms process and design action plans to guide the reforms. They have also used successive PEFA assessments as an internal monitoring and evaluation tool to better understand the reform progress.

The session will focus on how PEFA has contributed to public financial management reforms, the role it has played as a monitoring and evaluation tool to better understand PFM reform achievements; and how PEFA 2016 contributes to the design and implementation of PFM action plans and to tracking progress over time. Government officials who have been involved in managing and using PEFA assessments will present their experience and examples of good practice, and will provide the foundation for discussions on how the role of PEFA could be further strengthened in supporting their PFM reform programs, and achieving budgetary outcomes.

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