Bridge Spark Awards

Problem Solve with Strangers and Win Cross-Sectoral Funds

The Bridge Spark Awards will take place on Day 2 – 26 Oct.  The Bridge Collaborative operates on the belief that we will have the most impact, together, if we move people to be results driven, agile, collaborative, empowered and interdependent. In London, we will put these values into action through a live Bridge Spark competition.

We will make the most of our time together and turn new connections into impact through three Bridge Spark Awards.

In dedicated, interactive session, participants will build on new connections, and have time to develop ideas with new cross-sectoral colleagues. During the meeting, the contest will be opened, and those on hand will be invited to submit ideas for cross-sector evidence use and impact.

Ideas will be evaluated live, and three inaugural Bridge Champions will be named, receiving:

  • USD10,000 to inspire further incubation of the winning idea
  • Time with our facilitator, to test the guidance outlined in the Practitioners Guide, and advance your winning idea.

Only those in attendance are eligible!