Agenda Day 2 – October 26

Congress Centre


Registration & Breakfast

Session 3:

A Closer Look At Cross-Sector Planning and Evidence Evaluation

Decades of effort and hundreds of initiatives have called for and fostered cross-sector collaboration and the effective use of evidence. So what is missing? Hear from Collaborative members about challenges they still face in their daily work, and how advances from the first year of Bridge Collaborative work may help. Dig deep into existing evidence platforms with their leaders, and test out key advances on real-world problems. Put all your interactions to work on a pitch for a Bridge Spark Award!


The Bridge Collaborative Guidance in the Real World

Hear from Bridge Collaborative members on how key advances in the Principles and Guidance for Cross-Sector Planning and Evidence Evaluation help solve problems they face on a day-to-day basis.


Moderator: Katharine Kreis: PATH. Bridge Collaborative Secretariat Member

David Wilkie: WCS. Avoiding leaps of faith & unmeasurable things

Wei Zhang: IFPRI. Bridging the information gap – An example of online survey exercise to understand congruences and disagreements

Julie Rajaratnam: PATH. Getting to metrics – how the guidance helps

Gillian Galford: UVM. Evidence rubric – why we need one and why this one?


Evidence Platforms

The coordination and standardization of evidence use is not a new problem. Health, development and environment sectors each have efforts underway to make evidence more consistent and available, and new efforts are emerging to bring these together. What is already done well, and what still needs to be done to translate and connect evidence?


Heather Tallis: TNC, Bridge Collaborative Secretariat Chair

Rick Bartoldus: IRC Outcomes and Evidence Framework

Tamara Lotfi: Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative

Celeste Naude: Cochrane Nutrition

Nicola Randall: Collaboration for Environmental Evidence

Birte Snilstveit: 3ie

Bill Sutherland: Conservation Evidence





Brain Swarming Sessions

How do we make evidence work harder across sectors? Choose a topic and dive in. We will spend the rest of the morning in live tests of the Principles and Guidance for Cross-Sector Planning and Evidence Evaluation. Have deeper discussion about how the Bridge Collaborative recommendations can advance cross-sector impact, and provide input on how they can be improved.

Food, Energy, Water & the Environment


Claudia Ringler: IFPRI

Green Jobs & Mental Health


Heather Tallis: TNC

Pest Management, Food Security & Health


Wei Zhang: IFPRI

Nate Matthews: GRP


Bridge Spark Session: Funding Action!

One of the main barriers to cross-sector evidence use and action is a lack of funding for this out-of-the-box work. The Bridge Collaborative will nudge this funding forward, opening a live competition for funds. Proposals will be developed on the spot, giving attendees a chance to draw from new connections made during the meeting and new ideas. Submissions will be reviewed over lunch, with winners announced in the afternoon. Three winners will receive time with our facilitator, to test the guidance outlined in the Practitioners Guide, and advance your winning idea, and $10,000 to put towards cross sector evidence work.



Session 4: The Road Ahead: Spurring Communities to Action

No individual or organization can solve today’s most pressing challenges for people and the planet alone. Lifting our gaze, and looking at the year ahead, hear how some of the leaders in health, development and environment have made headway, and how they plan to make bigger change faster in the coming year.


Changing the Way We Work

The Bridge Collaborative Principles and Guidance provide a tool for working differently, but using such a tool can be hard in organizations largely designed for single-sector impact. In this session, we will hear from leaders who have succeeded in driving cross-sector work within institutions, learning from their experience and challenges.


Moderator: Barbara Merz: TNC

Jennifer Kane: USAID BRIDGE

Tricia Petruney: FHI 360

Louise Glew: WWF and ACES


Changing the Way We Communicate, with Roger Thurow

Today’s global challenges are complicated by nature. This can make them hard to relate to, and keep people from taking action. Roger Thurow understands this first hand after 20 years as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, and as a Pulitzer-nominated writer on issues spanning poverty, nutrition, early childhood development and agricultural development. Hear about Roger’s own journey of expanding his views on complex issues, and relating them through stories to broad audiences from global leaders to the general public.




Bridge Spark Awards Ceremony

The inaugural group of three Bridge Champion Teams will be announced, and their ideas for cross-sector evidence work shared.


The Year Ahead: Frontlines of Evidence & Action for Cross-Sector Impact

How can we move most powerfully as a community to affect change through cross-sector impact? Hear the plans of some of the field’s leading efforts and help identify ways we can act more effectively together.


Moderator: Smita Singh

Heather Tallis: Bridge Collaborative

Charlotte Ersbøll : UN Global Compact

Sarah Molton (invited): Wellcome Trust


Closing Remarks

David Fleming: PATH,Bridge Collaborative Advisory Council Founding Member